DAY 6 – No alcohol.

I have high expectations for my future and I intend to keep making both radical and marginal changes that add some benefit to my life. The ability to appreciate the fact that I am feeling good right now is something I am enjoying and is one of the key benefits of not drinking alcohol. My head is always clear and I don’t procrastinate. I also don’t have the munchies that are associated with the days after drinking and that has allowed me to keep my focus on my goal to shed some pounds. (surly, I mean stones?!)

It is Monday. Therefore, I am sticking to my 800 calories today, and doing 30 minutes exercise – either rowing or running, not sure which yet. I have a confession, I didn’t start the exercise last week, but there’s no phoning it in this week.

I have a family dinner at my mother in law’s house tonight, but I still plan to try to stick within my limit by having just fruit and a handful of peanuts for my lunch, and trying to avoid any bread or pudding later. I don’t plan to weigh myself until a month in, and later today I will take some body measurements for comparison down the line. It feels like all pain and no gain at the moment, but I know that this effort will pay off.

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