DAY 8 – Sober not solemn.

Eighth day without the demon drink and sticking well to my eating plan. I had to have a majorly strict conversation with myself last night, though. The internal ‘lager lout’ was threatening a street brawl if I didn’t reconsider my alcohol free future, but I ducked the hurled glasses, and Molotov cocktails, and ignored the temptation. Consequently, today, I feel strengthened by having overcome this indecisive couple of days, and really optimistic that I will be able to commit to an alcohol free life.

I have stuck to the exercise too, and am snacking on lots of salad, fruit, and veg. My energy levels are high, and I am feeling really happy. This is probably my body’s reward to me, for providing it with the fuel it actually needs and washing it down healthy drinks, instead of a 95:5 water to poison solution.

Can’t argue with that, so put your feet up liver and kidneys! (And brain, pancreas, skin, …)

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