DAY 9 – Side effect

I am quite disgruntled today. I’ve had a headache all day, and I am self-diagnosing that I have a detox headache. What’s that all about? It doesn’t seem fair! I give up all of the booze, and the junk food and treat my body like a temple, expecting a massive high of health and vitality (which was the case yesterday), only to be compensated with a ‘health hangover’!!!!

Apparently, Google searches suggest that this is quite a likely side effect of getting healthy and removing the toxins from your system. I am starting to believe that not only does my internal addict, the ‘lager lout’, not like me getting sober, but is incandescent with anger at the realisation that I have stopped her kebab, pork pie, and crisp habit too.

I am actually starting to visualise my internal addict as being akin to ‘Waynetta Slob’, from Harry Enfield and chums, ha. If this headache is the price for ensuring I don’t resemble her in the future, I’ll persevere with the health plan!

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