DAY 2 – Feeling right.

Good to wake up feeling myself again, and with no hangover. If I can allow myself to be vain a moment, I am amazing when I am ME. That is another one of my motivations for getting free from alcohol, the way it dumbs down my personality, and motivation when I have a hangover. bumpyyear, who is 440 days without drink, left a comment that offered great encouragement to me, and included links that gave an interesting insight into how, and why I feel depressed with a hangover. Thank you!

This morning I decided that it was time to plant the herb garden I’ve been planning since the new year. There is a sou’wester out there today, not the hat the wind! We live at the top of a hill, with a ‘field’ of a garden that refuses to be tamed. I foolishly decided to move the cold frames, as they got little sun last year, and most of my morning was spent chasing after everything that I moved, because as soon as it was brought around the corner it made a bolt for freedom, much to the amusement of my sheepdog. We both got drenched out there, and I think my hair whipping across my face has scratched my eyeballs. I am really chuffed now, though. I have pots of seeds of all types of herbs planted, which always makes me feel renewed, and excited about the summer.

Stick to the plan, and don’t f**k it up again S!

3 thoughts on “DAY 2 – Feeling right.

  1. hey! thanks for the shout out!!! so so cool. I am very happy that it gave you a bit of a boost … and totally happy to hear you are ‘on the road’ again with sobriety. I often think of the Japanese proverb during those times i couldn’t stay sober for much more than 7 days (and that wasn’t that long ago! just over 400 days ago!) : fall down 7 times, get up 8. you got this!!!

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