DAY 3 – Brain retraining.

I woke up this morning at seven o’clock, topped up the wild birdseed outside the kitchen window, emptied the dishwasher and sat down with toast and marmalade, a nice hot cup of tea, and a good book. It seems unbelievable to me that I would ever have trouble weighing up, whether the benefits of not drinking alcohol are sufficient to compensate for giving it up.

Da iawn Cymru! Wales won the rugby Six Nations tournament, and the ‘Grand Slam’ yesterday; winning all of their games. I enjoyed the game with a couple of Becks Blue non-alcohol beer and a packet of Haribos, but there are likely to be numerous (millions) of Welsh people regretting their celebrations this morning. I feel a real sense of achievement that I celebrated too, but the fabulous reality of doing it all without alcohol, is that I still get to benefit from enjoying today. I enjoyed last night too, and remember it! I am starting to actually enjoy this change to my life a little. At last!

I cannot be complacent, though. I know from previous attempts to give up the booze, that Sunday evenings, at about five o’clock are when my internal Lager Lout addict, correctly assuming it is her last chance to get some 5% German beer down my neck this weekend, will have some plan to persuade me that I am throwing the baby out with the bath water. “A couple of drinks are just ‘normal’!”, “everyone else does it!”; reassuring me that I can drink moderately, if I apply some rules. “Give it another go!”

“NO!!!” If I commit to no alcohol ever, I’ll retrain my brain!

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