The next time will be different!

Today is Friday, and I am very recently back to giving up the booze. I am going for a weekend away to our holiday home by the sea today, and feeling nervous about the not drinking bit. This morning after a great night of lovely alcohol free sleep, I feel very committed to my cause, but my past weakness has made me concerned that I will crash out, under the persuasive mutterings of my internal addict, every time I pass the trendy bars, and see the happy, laughing people bouncing in. I am preparing myself for it today though. She is going to pitch the relapse as “Next time will be different”. “One drink, maybe two – go on!”. “Drinking is ‘normal’, everyone does it!”

I will not be reminded of that time I twisted my ankle there, after eight pints of lager, and wasn’t able to walk for days, and it was swollen for 6 months; nothing to do with being drunk – it was a wonky cobble that was to blame. I’ll forget the time I threw up, and ruined the new sofa in the holiday home’s bedroom; we’d gone out for a nice lunch, foregone the lunch, and carried on drinking until midnight!, Please S, I could go on, and on here, with tales of drunken debacles.

Next time will not be different, it will be the same. Maybe worse?

Have a lovely refreshing tonic instead, and enjoy watching the reality of the happy, laughing people who bounced into the trendy bars, as they later stagger out, arguing or fighting!

8 thoughts on “The next time will be different!

  1. This is so hard, isn’t it??? two things that really helped me: stop saying never. instead. i’ll decide at the moment, go moment by moment. stay strong, moment by moment! sometimes the wine witch thrives on NEVER as a tactic to tell you how much you’ll miss it! another one that helps me is the phrase: First you take a drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the drink takes you. there just is no option for us drinkers, you gotta avoid taking that first drink!

  2. You can do it, want to do it and need to do it. Just tell yourself about the disappointment and self loathe that comes after you give in and have that “first” drink. Then smile as you know how much better your sleep is going to be ALONG with how great morning feel waking up sober. XOX

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