The Pensieve

The Pensieve. Source:

I am not sure if anyone who reads this has heard of the character, Harry Potter … Ha ha. Well, some of you may have heard of the ‘Pensieve’, and I have been speculating on the usefulness of one to alcohol recovery. The Pensieve, used by only the most advanced wizards, is an enchanted, wide, shallow bowl that can recreate memories, so that they are re-liveable; the owner of the memories, or even another person, is able to experience the recreated moments of past recollections, and move around within them.

This would surely be invaluable to someone in denial of their alcohol dependency? When that denial misleads someone into considering that next time will be different, they could place their head over their Pensieve, and re-live their previous alcohol related misfortunes, disappointments, and disasters; re-live the regret, guilt, and depression of a hangover, or experience the joy, and clarity of someone who has escaped from the clutches of alcohol for a number of years. If used in a group recovery scenario, we could all place our heads over, and binge, first hand, on the horrors that were the catalysts for us all to quit the demon drink.

I think that would definitely make me reconsider putting that poisoned chalice to my lips again!

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