“What you do today, creates your tomorrow.” – Oprah

Day 5

I have been listening to Oprah Winfrey’s book ‘What I Know for Sure’, on audible as I cook the dinner in the evening. I love how she has come to terms with some of the terrible things that she has experienced, and how she has dealt with her enormous success too. Thankfully, I have never experienced her abuse, but I do understand the complicated relationship she has had with her family, and reinforced in me, the knowledge that everyone is responsible for their own lives.

She is unexpectedly grounded, referring to happiness being dependent on success, but refers to success as not being about what you have, but what you do; that any pleasure from purchasing materialistic things will never bring real satisfaction. Success is being happy in the present, and being grateful for everything you have, not worrying about what people think, and not being afraid to try something others are afraid to try; worrying about jealous criticism or judgement, should never stop you.

She makes a particularly good point about possibilities, and achieving our potential. She believes that a decision to change can require courage, but reminds us that the change itself, has no power. Our fear of making the change however, has the power to immobilise us; each time we give into it we loose strength, while our fear gains strength. She advices us to decide to acknowledge the fear, and no matter how difficult the path ahead seems, just push past our anxieties, and keep on stepping.

She believes that everything depends on our decisions. That when we make a decision we should identify the ‘intention’ of the decision, and examine the outcome of that intention. When we know that the outcome of the decision is truly what will allow us to be who we want to be, the decision has been made. We should COMMIT to it, that without that commitment there is always the potential to turn back. We should make a decision and watch our life move forward. When we know that we are fulfilling our life’s intention, we are at our most powerful. We may stumble but we will not fall.

Whether our challenge is alcohol, food, cigarettes, or any other substance, she quite rightly reminds us that if we can conquer the fear, we can fly. Let our challenge, be an open door invitation to our best life!

I hope that my recent false starts are a symptom of my indecision, not having clarity about what I really want for my future. I think I do have that clarity now, after really listening to my own voice. Therefore, I have finally made the decision, I am a non-drinker, and I will commit to it, for good. No more fear of the change for me, I cannot give it up for a month, a year or for 20 years. If I did that I would be just postponing the actual decision to quit drinking alcohol. I will be still on the wagon, thinking I am missing alcohol, and waiting for the moment when I feel more able to make this important change, and postponing my ability to be who I really want to become.

I feel a sense of relief about it all at last.

3 thoughts on ““What you do today, creates your tomorrow.” – Oprah

  1. Off the subject but I have a technical problem, I preview my post but when it is published and I view it on my phone, and several words through the blog have joined and it takes ages to correct? Is this usual? Any advice?

  2. I don’t know about this particular problem, but I know that there are often similar issues when I view on desktop re. phone. I’m an AVID correcter Haha! On the desktop version, it’s possible to view in desktop, tablet and mobile versions, so you can check. I hope that works somehow.

    Thank you for the likes! You made me go read some of my blogs I haven’t read since I posted them. I know that you’re already following some others in recovery (or those who want to be) but there are some great and inspiring bloggers that I think you’d be interested in reading too. I could make a list for you if you’re interested or you could see some of them commenting on my blog.

    Welcome to mine tho. Lovely to meet you x

    1. Only just came across this and thanks, I’ll try that next time. I find I am spending more time correcting than writing! I do look at the sites of people who’ve made interesting comments, but also open to recommendations. Thanks for the help!

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