Mood Monsters.

DAY 7.

Apparently these are a thing. They are posters of cute, little descriptive monsters, to assist children to understand emotions such as anger, or sadness.

So I wondered what I felt like this morning. I woke up this Sunday morning, hangover free, so I suppose I could associate with yellow ‘Happy Monster’.

Last Sunday morning I was very, very hungover, but unfortunately they don’t appear to have a tired, depressed, suicidal, paranoid, nauseous, green skinned, yellow eyed ‘Hangover Monster’. Shame.

So the best I can do to describe the positive benefits of being alcohol free for a week is this: last Sunday, I felt (and probably looked) like ‘Frankinstein’s Monster’, improperly awoken from death; today I felt like the ‘Honey Monster’, from the Sugar Puffs advert – GRRREAT! (Hopefully, I don’t look like him.)

‘nuff said.

Stick to the plan S. Don’t question the decision. Don’t think about alcohol. Don’t drink alcohol.

N.b. We are now far too health consious to give our kids Sugar Puffs, so they are now referred to as Honey Monster Puffs (Discalimer).

7 thoughts on “Mood Monsters.

  1. Just found your blog by looking at others. I feel very similar to you and we share the “almost 50 with one teenage son who loves to game” thing. I’ve been at this blogging thing since 2016 when I first really acknowledged I had an issue and needed to change. I’m on Day 16 today and for whatever reason, this time feels different. Hugs for wherever you are in this process. Love your posts, keep blogging!

    1. Thanks, I’ve given up blogging I think, but I just checked in to change my settings and saw your comment. Thanks and well done on your alcohol free success! I’m still going AF but finding it makes me think about drinking if I write about it! I’m just going with whatever works, we’re all different. All the best.

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