Breaking the Cycle (and the cyclist!)

I haven’t posted in a few weeks. I have been reviewing what I feel about blogging, and whether I want to continue. My life has started to become like that old joke, ‘I used to be decicisve but now I’m just not sure’. Blogging is definitely rewarding, but it also very time consuming! It’s not just the time required to write regularly, but reading followed people’s posts too.

I am not on social media and never have been, due to my inherent laziness, and resultant reluctance to commit to following, liking, commenting, etc., on friend’s Facebook posts. So shoot me for being a bad friend, but if you don’t keep on top of that crap, people are likely to get offended, so I don’t bother, never have, and I don’t care. My friends have given up on me, they no longer bring it up when we meet, and any new acquaintances informed of this fact, offer a sympathetic, condescending head tilt, to indicate their judgement that I must be unable to switch on a computer, as only technophobes are not on Instagram!

Never the less, regardless of the fact that I have now identified similarities between the blogging media and the disliked social media, I have decided that I am going to give the blogging another go. I have really enjoyed filling my new found spare time with reading, puzzles, and gardening again (I know, very Rock & Roll!), and I think that writing, that is not just related to my work, can also be included if I don’t waffle on too much.

I no longer wish to write about my giving up alcohol though. I am still off the booze, but I no longer want to write or think about drinking any more, it’s already taken far too much of me – I have definitely ‘unfriended’ that faux ami.

So, on to more interesting progressions in my life, since quitting drinking. I have signed up to take part in one event of The Long Course Weekend, in Tenby in Pembrokeshire. This is a three day event for Triathletes, broken down into swimming in the sea for 2.5 miles on the Friday, the Wales Sportive cycle ride of 114 miles on the Saturday, finished off with a 26 mile marathon run on the Sunday. The point of this event in July is to prepare entrants for Ironman Wales, held in Tenby in September, where they complete all three of these in ONE DAY!!!

I am starting small however. I was too late for my preferred event which was the swimming race on the Friday, as it was fully booked. I have entered the cycling event on the Saturday instead, but I am only cycling for 40 miles, not the full 114. I’ll consider the run next year possibly. I have done the Wales Velothon previously, so this is not total madness on my part, but I have let my fitness slip so preparations have started in earnest to be fit enough by July.

I went out for an hour cycle ride a couple of days ago, and everything was fine until, most annoyingly, my hands started to ache from leaning on the drop handlebars, this was never a problem before. The pointed seat bruised a bone (in that down below region) that I was previously unaware existed, and my legs complained about the most minor of hills, which quite frankly would have been a doddle in the past. I didn’t even attempt the hill that approaches my house, which is located at an altitude of approximately 170m, and has huge gradients at several points on the stretch home, and finishes with over half a kilometre of 7% gradient.

I took the bike in the car to a different location for this first cycle outing but will have to face these hills tomorrow, and get the legs in gear. OMG.